Here’s Your Chance to Win a Complimentary Dog Bath

With the wet spring we have had here in Chicago, I’m sure you have noticed quite a bit of mud, puddles and just general outdoor messiness. If your dog is anything like mine, they don’t mind the mess at all, in fact, they LOVE it! Since our four-legged friends love getting outdoors, this means they may have splashed through a few puddles, rolled through some mud and dug up some dirt. That ALSO means that it’s time for a bath!

Thanks to Holly Wolack of Real Living City Residential and Pampered Paws Grooming, here’s your opportunity to win a FREE dog bath for your favorite furry friend. Here is how you enter to win:


  1. Visit the website 

  2. Click “Sign Up Today”

  3. Check your email on Monday, July 15


Holly will choose the winner on Monday, July 15 via video drawing! Follow her on Facebook at @HollyWolackRealtor to watch the drawing take place. GOOD LUCK!


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